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Ece Dalkıran


 Ece Dalkıran was born in 1979 in Ankara. In 1999, she graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts. After being engaged in graphic arts and photography, her interest for visual arts shifted to painting. Subsequently, she chose to share her emotions and questions about life through painting. Currently she practices her art in her studios based in Ortaköy, Erenköy.

Through the eyes of the artist;  Nature is the greatest guide… It just wants us to take a closer look at it.


"Chaos", the language of nature, is actually the place where the system is at ease… There is a hidden order and rule behind all the things around us, which we perceive as irregular: Every great irregularity opens up magnificent paths…


"Fractal Geometry", which is the way nature creates shapes, is the repetition of the same pattern in larger or smaller scales.


The line, one of the basic elements of design, surrounds objects with a curved, broken, spiral, sharp, thin or scattered border and is thus similar to fractal geometry, nature’s way of creating patterns. Being inspired by nature’s formation process, I use lines to interpret the female figure in a romantic context, outdoors, sometimes indoors, in a space with little depth.



2009    Atatürk Dil Tarih ve Yüksek Kurumu “Harf Devrimi” Painting Award Exhibition 2009    Selcuk Erdoğan Resim Atölyesi, Astoria - Clementine, Group Exhibition 2009    Pera Sanat Galerisi, Group Exhibition

2011    İzmir Travel Turkey Fuarı, Solo Exhibition

2011    Beşiktaş Sanat Galerisi, Group Exhibition

2013    Art Point Gallery, Online Auction

2014    Niş-Art Gallery, Group Exhibition

2015    Niş-Art Gallery, İç Mimari ve Dekorasyon Fuarı, Group Exhibition

2016    Niş-Art Gallery Group Exhibition

2017    Niş-Art Gallery, Group Exhibition


Tel: +90 533 708 71 29

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